When we choose people, we want to know "why" they burn for it, "why" they go all-in and why they believe in it.

Here is my "why"

My Story



Shaping Core Motivation

My grandpa was an entrepreneur and my hero. Sitting together with him in the office or with clients are the memories I like most.

Unfortunately, his kids and employees didn’t want or couldn’t make the corporate handover, so he was unable to put his company into the right hands.

This experience strongly shaped my view about leadership and Human Resources and without knowing it at the time, it developed my professional future. 


The Long-run

I graduated in economics to master business on a higher level and knowing the KPI for success to start at the Bertelsmann Group focusing on direct sales.

Making sales was always fun for me, but I struggled because I did not truly believe that the product was worth the money for the audience I sold it to. The discussion with management was not on how I could believe in the product more; it was focusing on, “do you want to make money or do something good in life?” I walked out at that moment because my answer was clear! 





The Unexpected Call

I moved to London to learn English and lucky me, I ended up joining a great team focusing on strategic communications to board members during annual shareholder meetings, helping leaders get what they wanted.

Guy Barker was the Managing Director and a true inspiration when it comes to decision-making and values. Once, we were in a tricky situation, and it was a groundbreaking new experience for me to see and understand how to make decisions if you are clear about your values. I learned that values are not for marketing purposes; they are the roots of your behavior. 

Sales on a Higher Level

I was approached by an English headhunting team who wanted to expand their Berlin office. I moved back to Berlin and I made good money placing candidates in open positions. It’s fun, and you can make a lot of money, but there was something missing. I still thought it was the same job in sales but on a higher level. So just fulfilling employers needs was not the future for me.

I decided to walk out and find a brighter vision in my business.





The New Me

I quit my job and started to work on my own. The first step was being a partner of a headhunting agency. The money check was higher, but it was still the same job: Placing candidates – but there was still something missing.

Standard approaches have not reflected values, beliefs and shares visions of management or candidates, and therefore I founded my own company called; Ethos Human Recruitment. 

Our Mission

We want to give you the 5-Star feeling in HR

We understand us as a high caliber service provider in the HR sector. We are always improving the experience for our network of leaders.

It’s our mission to find you leaders who belong to category “high-performer”. They want the same as you, building future. To do so they are willing to do the extra step. 

Our work goes far beyond standard job postings and direct searches to match skills with open positions to make a placement. We believe in matching on visions, the ultimate power for activity and execution. 

Our leaders have money, have a career and know what they do. But they search for the better vision, for the position to have greater impact, and they want to build the future with you. You need to change the approach in HR to find those people and win them for your team. And this is what we do for you + the 5-Star feeling.






A network of same minded leaders who are able and willing to build a brighter future is my vision. We know the humans behind the CV’s. They choose us because they know we are delivering quality. 

The future in building teams, recruiting people and growing companies consists in the ability in attracting, converting and winning leaders. We believe recording leaders with a vision and reach out to the right audience,  creating engaging, scalable recruitment funnels and being a 5-Star HR advisor for you is supporting you in realizing your vision. 

Working on digitalization, industry 4.0, energy transition, new markets are some topics we are specialized in. 

Your Future. Your Candidate.


However, I do not believe in...: