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Success-Steps for WINNING Tech-Leaders

Step 1


No one needs a Job out there! The best people want to see an attractive OFFER. We have to create one together.

To attract the best talent, the most experienced managers and senior Leaders to build and run companies, you need to have a breathtaking offer. Does it mean money – Yes! Does it mean money only? No! You need:

  • Clarity about the market challenge 
  • A profiling which matches Problem and Solution 
  • Flexibility when it comes to creating a perfect offer.
Step 2


Posting an offer is not enough. In today's world, it's about inspiring, being active and offering service.

Why do great people STOP and THINK for a moment? 
They love the way how it’s presented, the energy and certainty that they can make an impact in this role. You want: 

  • The emotional extra step! Be one step ahead. 
  • A process to impress the best, better than expected.
  • Flexibility when it comes to creating a perfect offer.
Step 3


When great candidates are interested, you and your organization must be ready to close the deal and win.

Why do people reject offers? Because they compare and evaluate. The question is, do they compare your USP’s with other offers? To make that happen:

  • Focus on the person, not on the skills only.
  • Identify the one thing, which is moving the needle! 
  • Make an absolutely great impression

What's unique about my approach?

To engage the management team, inspire organizations and make change & growth possible, you need people who are absolutely certain that it’s possible. 

We deliver only candidates or companies we believe in. Our core question is; Would we hire the people to solve your market problem? 

We believe in the impact we have in your business. We do not start to place candidates, we start to build companies. 


Solutions for Leaders who want to grow the business

In today's world, you choose leaders to follow, not jobs!

Network of leaders to shape our tomorrow - Interviews

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Dirk Ohlmeier

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Together, we will build the future

In a world in which communication is instant and new ideas are being created all the time, the secret is to focus on what really matters.

If you’re looking to build a team that means finding passionate talent who will make your mission possible from the moment they join you.

And if you’re a talented individual that means connecting with corporate cultures and organizations that set you free to make a real difference from day one.

Our job is to bridge the gap, remove friction, and eliminate delays in the hiring process so that no matter what you want to achieve, nothing can stop you.

A partner on your journey

As experts in integrating with the corporate and organizational culture in Germany, my team and I specialize in finding seamless fits from day one. It’s about connecting skilled people and empowered teams to achieve missions no one else thought possible. We do it by making sure everyone’s vision and values are aligned from the very first connection:

Some Reference Jobs

Why more impact works in winning people

Create a better product! 

Do you want to win great people for your business? So, what is it you want people to think about? 

We reach out to hundreds of leaders; by phone, via mail and by person, but how do we win great leaders to talk with us? 

We have the better product. We are not offering a job, we don’t sell careers or salaries. We show CEO’s and Leaders who care, take action and want to win smart people. 

Create a product (job offer) which is outstanding, shows impacts for potential candidates and let the right audience think; that is a great challenge. 

Do it with us and you get great people.   

Market your product better!

What market are you focussing? Job-Boards and social media? 

In todays world you need to build your list. We are in the HR sector more than 15 years. We have not only emails and phone numbers but even more important, we build relations to candidates to get referrals.

You need to change the way how you market your high-impact product. With our approach we are quicker, better and we deliver results to impress you.

You need to reach out quickly, scalable and focussing on impact for candidates. 

Do it with us and you will enjoy the results.

Relevant experiences for leaders!

Thanks to Amazon, our life changed when it comes to “click and order”. Expectations are high when it comes to take action. 

Try to impress leaders with high-caliber-feedbacks. Thinking in hours is more modern than, feedbacks in 2 weeks. 

HR processes are often built to analyze and check profiles rather to impress humans and this is the major differentiator  in today’s world.

Firstly win the people minds, show them the impact a great job has for their lives and afterwards, proof if they can do it. 

Do it with us and experience modern, scalable recruitment solutions  

Services deliver solutions

The hiring process has been too frustrating for too long, but all that is about to change.

We believe in doing so much more than matching candidates to openings — we focus on helping everyone involved build teams that solve problems in the real world.

It’s an approach that’s all about getting to the root of the problem, connecting the people who can solve it, and then tying everything together in a way that delivers incredible results.

Only then will you see the impact an entire team who are motivated by the same things has on your future.

The key to a brighter future

By simplifying the hiring process for all involved, we put solutions right at the top of the agenda. This means that no matter whether you’re assembling a team, or looking to join one, you can sleep with the peace of mind that only we can provide. That way you know you’re making a real difference to the future without any of the barriers that used to slow things down:

When you combine all of this with our passion for helping your mission
come to life, you’re left with a new outlook that really does shape the future.

Our network is build to connect better people. It’s not about money, it’s about finding people with a vision, take care and have impact. 

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Ready for Smarter Hiring?

We know we can make it happen.

No matter whether you’re a leader, candidate, or an organization looking to scale, our goal is to make it happen the smart way. Leaders can showcase their ideas and values so that motivated and skilled candidates can connect with a shared vision in minutes. The result is a seamless fit that eliminates the barriers and gets everyone ready to create the future.

Take the first step right now and we’ll be by your side as you shape the future.

Share a vision, share a brighter future.

Decide and take action

15 Years experience in HR, Headhunting and impressing great CEO’s leads to massive knowledge in presenting yourself. We offer 1:1 coaching which start at 999 EUR to guide leaders and offer a 5-Star Service in making progress. 

If you believe you need a quick feedback and want to improve you CV and need some inspiration in attracting great CEO’s our digital products are the right way to do so. 

If you are a leader and you feel that your team, your boss or the vision you are working on is not fully engaging you anymore. Move to a brighter future. 
Check the product to guide you to your next strong vision, worth working for. 

These products are created to support you in your process. So it’s not like everywhere else: “send us your CV, and we provide you a job”. We believe every person is unique and you need to ask yourself the right questions before you create a CV to fully impress your next boss. 


If you are a leader and you’re looking for people to join your vision, hardworking, fully engaged and much more than a “candidate” than this is your place. 

The quickest way to find out how we can help you are a short video-call.  



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  • CV-Check: Leader CV or copy and paste internet standard?
  • 5 Min. high-impact CV-Analysis, recorded
  • Positioning your career move. How do you reach your goal? What career move brings you the best progress?
  • Target companies; The world is much brighter than job-boards. Find the right leader.
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One Time Payment


  • CV-Check: Leader CV or copy and paste internet standard?
  • 5 Min. high-impact CV-Analysis, recorded
  • Positioning your career move. How do you reach your goal? What career move brings you the best progress?
  • Target companies; The world is much brighter than job-boards. Find the right leader.
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